Sake Salon #24 URAKASUMI:Sake from "Misty Bay"

Sake Salon #24
Sake from “Misty Bay” Shiogama Urakasumi

When you talk about Miyagi Sake, or when you talk about sake from Tohoku region, you can’t do without going through the brand “Urakasumi.” The brand name has kept its reputation for a long time.

Saura, Urakasumi Sake Brewery, was founded in 1724 and since then they have been providing the sacred sake for the Shiogama Shrine, the most prestigious shrine in northern Japan. Their motto “a genuine sake brewed meticulously, delivered with professionalism” resumes well their producing method. Their brewing process is made sincerely and with care to provide their customers the highest quality.

Misty Bay, the meaning of Urakasumi, is originated in Shiogama where the brewery is located, which scenery was extoled by the ancient poem of medieval time around the 13th century. Shiogama is not only beautiful but also abundant in fresh seafood. Shiogama port is well known for its tuna catch, and the nearby town Matsushima is particularly famous for its oysters nationwide.

Benoit Champagne, the sales representative of overseas market will be with us to share the story of this marvelous brewery.

Seats are limited to about 20 people, so please hurry to reserve your spot soon.

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Thu Nov 7, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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港区西新橋1丁目6−15 日本酒造虎ノ門ビル 1F Japan

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